menswear autumn winter 18

The F/W '16 Palomo shirt I shamelessly bought in Madrid after reviewing their SS'18 collection and ascending my fashion high-horse en gallop

Hey! It's me! The budding menswear blogger you know and love and love again. In my copious amount of downtime not scrolling through Twitter, I completed the very bold task of scrolling through all the Men's Fall/Winter '18 collections shown in this last fashion month. It is true that I am a fashion saint, and it's okay to call me that. 


I think the word that defined my favorite pieces for Fall '18 was TEXTURE. When I think about fall/winter, even in the context of my LA home, all I want to think about is wrapping up in a beautiful quilt. Luckily, many designers straight-up listened (thanks, Marni). We're all wearing blankets this autumn. And we're excited. 

I also loved everything soft af, I-want-to-touch-that, curl-up-next-to-me-even-though-I-am-an-ice-prince vibes. 

I also loved every coat

There were a few stand-out collections that were so thoroughly up my alley, it hurt me to see them (and not dream them up first). 

Éditions took to the streets of Paris with ready-to-wear LOOKS that I too would wear in any a Parisian street (CALL ME, Mathieu de Ménonville). Paul & Joe did non-binary, late 70s meets Stranger Things but GOOD (because they knew season two was boring and we needed something to bring us back into upside-down orbit). Etro gave us Millanese chic meets wallpaper and I loved it dearly. 

Again, if I may appeal to creative directors everywhere: do not send Joe Keery these looks. Send them to me.

But my favorite of all collections came from TEXTURE GODDESS Emily Bode via Bode. The collection is original and perfect and sourced from fascinating places and I want to own all of it. Especially this lace-pattern shirt and these whole things. To reiterate: RING ME, EMILY BODE. 

But seriously, who will buy me an all-velvet suit? I'm begging. I need this before Timmy Chalamet steals the look. Don't do it, Timmy. Leave something for the rest of us! (Also if you're done with this Berluti know my address).