all the clichés of festival season

A lot of people love to hate the young & free. Their styles, their beliefs, their extracurricular activities. "Coachella is over-rated... Bonnaroo is full of dirty, drugged-out hippies... Gen Y is the most socially inept entitled generation the world has ever seen," et cetera, et cetera. (Yes, these are things I have heard from parents and peers.) And thus the generational hate and hazing cycle churns on as it has since the beginning of procreation.

But alas, exponential hordes of glittery, scantily clad whippersnappers turn out for these muddy free love n beer fests each year. Because what is youth without excited defiance, fancy freedom, and a healthy helping of dehydration? 

And although it is so freeing to maybe take a shot or two too many and outfit yourself in the flashy war paint of the millennial style tribe, festivals are about the music. Groundbreaking idea, right? It's about (relatively) unplugged fellowship between humans, supporting artists, enjoying the art. Leaving behind politics and parents and living in a sweaty little beach/farm/desert utopia for the weekend. 

So if you feel so inclined, stop rolling your eyes and give it a try. Pull out all the tassels and body paint and booty shorts you can find. Because if you don't do it now, in a few years you'll find yourself wishing you had, held back by a furry friend, limited vacation time, and even, God help us, a possibly not-so-far-off marriage.

Life is short. Do the thing.
But don't forego shoes.
You will get angry blisters.
That is all.


Our Hangout Fest outfits include:
On me --

Beach Riot tassely bikini top from Lulu's, black bottoms from Target, old high-waisted blue and white suit by Abercrombie, hand-swen Good Vibes dress found at a Crossroads Trading, old floral one piece from Walmart, & numerous fanny packs from my father's personal collection.
On Courtney --
Lime cross-back and tan chevron bikini tops from Old Navy, white TopShop skirt, thrifted Free People flowy shorts, Boohoo lace-up one piece.