athens, ga or athens, greece?

I have extreme wanderlust and an overactive imagination, which are usually most distracting when a shitload of important, high-stress projects and exams is the only thing standing between me and summer vacation.

For example: What could be better than ignoring my responsibilities & pretending I'm lounging on the shores of a Greek island drinking ouzo and flirting with a handsome man named Kostos?! (Actually being there...? Fine, you're right.)

I also break into song even more than usual. Everyone has their own coping methods, ok?

Mid-daydream, I found this slightly see-through dress at Goodwill that I'm pretty sure is actually a nightgown and it just screamed Santorini to me. 

Don't understand? Well you've obviously never seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I know, solely from this movie (and the sequel duh), that Santorini / the entire country of Greece is the most beautiful and magical place on earth.

And if you haven't seen Hercules I just don't know what you're doing with your life honestly.

So, because I have sadly not won the lottery or become an overnight blogging billionaire yet, I donned my Santorini-inspired outfits and settled for touring the most Greek-looking place I could find in Athens (Georgia).

Yes, I'm crazy, but I'm pretty sure it's more fun this way.

MOM: Ignore this whole post. I promise all I ever do is study and I made GREAT grades on all my finals ;)


"THE NUMBER OF GREAT PICTURES YOU'VE RUINED WITH YOUR EYES" -Catie of Stay Fierce Photography. she is obviously very fond of me.

Outfit 1 details: Old Navy sandals . Target crop top . American Eagle skirt . Alex & Ani Bangles . Cheap Sunglasses . Olives & Wax Vintage leather purse.

Outfit 2 details: Goodwill dress . Old Navy clutch . Gap leather belt .