#junkfoodloveaffair: chzpza

I am an extremely picky eater. Because of this, I have spent countless hours of my life consuming cheese pizza. No extra toppings, no funky stuff, just gooey processed cheese. 

Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on something. That’s only 1.1408 years! If I haven’t made it there yet, I’m definitely well on my way to being an official cheese pizza expert.

Like a beautiful slice of cheese pizza, a cool graphic t-shirt is a college must have. So, my friend Shaunak and his friend Reed stepped up and created CHZPZA to provide the UGA community / the world with some ice cold statement tees.

My favorite Spring 2015 "Hunger" shirt had an empty outline of a pizza slice on it. So majestic. So profound. 
The tantalizing idea of what you want is there, but you have to chase your dreams to make them happen. So I put on my pizza shirt and decided to chase my dream of the perfect slice of cheese all over Athens.

images from the @chzpza instagram

Based on my intensive research, the best cheese pizza in Athens is undoubtedly found at Automatic Pizza in Normaltown.

First of all, they have fun plastic animals as table markers. That may not sound like a huge selling point but Catie was so excited, she basically screamed at me to pick the lion. I think the bearded man ringing us up found the whole thing childishly charming.

And, more important than their cute hipster waiters and cool décor, their pizza is on fleek
YEAH I SAID IT. I hate myself but I love myself. Mainly I just love pizza. It's fine.

The perfect amount of cheese, not too much sauce, & salty enough to taste - but not so salty that your mouth feels like it's going to shrivel up and die.

When you break off the crispy thin crust into bits, you suddenly feel like you’re in Venice eating some legitimate Italian skinny bread sticks. Ok maybe I daydream too much but srsly this pizza is good.

sarah the pza queen

Photo-Taking/Lion-Hyping/Pizza-Sharing Credz: Stay Fierce Photography

outfit details: CHZPZA shirt, H&M jeans, Dynamite Clothing sunglasses, Converses