news to me

For those of you who haven’t heard me endlessly raving about News to Me yet, let me introduce you to the soon-to-be best (only?) 30-minute-long comedy webseries you’ve ever seen.

NTM follows the antics of a failing University News station trying to keep their shit together. They’re all self-obsessed, and they even have real life social media you can follow during the show, so basically they’re just like every millennial you’ve ever met.

I was fortunate enough to be cast as Emma, a slightly obnoxious wannabe activist news anchor who loves feminism, Hillary Clinton, and rolling her eyes at her arch nemesis Paige, the resident superficial diva. Sound familiar? I have no idea what you’re talking about.



Beyond my mediocre acting skills, I was also the resident Fashion major on set, which means I had the privilege of coming up with all these revolutionary costumes. lol.

It was really cool to work with (annoy) my fellow cast-members with my ideas and hear their inspirations as well. If you look at my initial Pinspiration for the characters, you can see most of the actors really fleshed out their final looks.

And no, my Pinterest boycott is not going well, thanks for asking.

It also made me feel weird that I had no one to approve my own outfits with, so I sometimes annoyed my bffs Tavis & Beau, also known as “The Producers,” with lots of stupid questions. Such as: how do we feel about a cat-on-a-wrecking-ball t-shirt? Too much? Ok then, can we settle for this cat-stronaut one?

We had so much fun. They love me.


Tavis Vanucciwriter, producer, actor, professional Instagram caption writer, & lover of cheese wheels.


Beau Ward (Mr. Get Shit Done): producer, director, dog whisperer, also loves cheese wheels.

My FAVORITE outfit on the show was worn by a surprise character in episode 3 and the actress came up with it all on her own. It’s beautiful and hilarious and I take no credit. However, if you hear someone snort-giggling behind the scenes I do take credit for that.

ANY WAY I guess I’ll stop bragging about how involved I am in “the industry” now and you can just see for yourself whether or not I’m really legit when the first episode premieres this Friday on .

Ok now I’m terrified please don’t tell me whether or not you think I’m actually legit,

Photography by Emily Schoone & Connor Pannell