Galentine's: The Best Day of The Year
by Catie Stewart

"Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies."   

- Leslie Knope

Boys are fun. Families are (sometimes) great. But there is nothing, nothing as important as girl friends. They have your back regardless. That boy blow you off? "He was a dipshit anyway." Family criticize your lack of a boyfriend/style/job? "They don't know anything, you're absolutely perfect." Get a bad haircut? They'll lend you hats and won't make fun of you until you grow it out. Eighth-grade-mom-haircut Catie can attest to this.

13-going-on-30-year-old Mary Catherine Stewart, circa 2007.

13-going-on-30-year-old Mary Catherine Stewart, circa 2007.

The point is, ladies are important. Whether you have a #squad that rivals T Swift or just one main squeeze, having a babe by your side is important. Someone to lift you up, support your absurd ideas, watch crappy reality TV shows with you.... God bless Dance Moms, am I rite laydeeez? 

Ergo, Galentine's. A most wonderful celebration of ladies loving ladies. It can be a simple get together, or if you're like me and ignoring real life responsibilities, you can throw your whole being into planning and executing this most sacred day. We went shopping at Hobby Lobby, where Sarah physically restrained me from buying the whole store, and Dollar Tree, and the fabulous Han Rob's apartment (she is a one woman decor store).

Besides showering endless compliments on each other, the most important part of G Day is the food. Waffles, bacon, fruit, brie, hella whipped cream, and mimosas. $5 champagne has me feeling #blessedandhighlyfavored. 

Of course, having a playlist of music kweens is important too. Beyoncé, Haley Williams, the Cheetah Girls... all the classics. If you're like my friends, it will ultimately turn into a dance party. A photo booth is always a fun way to entertain guests (or let them inevitably entertain themselves). Create a simple backdrop, add some props, and voilà. 

BB queens, in the end, the greatest part of Valentine's Day is spending time with old  gal pals and meeting new ones. Anyone can bond over waffles and Beyoncé's Superbowl performance. Take this time to enjoy yourself and relax - sometimes some carefree hours are all you need to feel rejuvenated enough to take on the real world (and all the nauseating love you will have to witness on the 14th). Share the love, compliment each other, and always remember: ovaries before brovaries. 

I hope you remain blessed and highly f-ed,
Cat Stew

PS: It's important to celebrate ladies all over the world, so we asked our guests to donate whatever they could towards sponsoring a girl's education for a year! It only costs $58 to make a huge impact in the life of one young woman. When you educate a girl, you educate a generation. Check out the International Rescue Committee here.

galentinez playlist

1. run the world (girls) - beyoncé
2. ***flawless - beyoncé
3. single ladies (put a ring on it) - beyoncé
4. ego - beyoncé
5. independent women, pt. i - destiny’s child
6. independent women, pt. ii - destiny’s child
7. love on top - beyoncé
8. hey ladies - destiny’s child
9. stronger (what doesn’t kill you) - kelly clarkson
10. miss independent - kelly clarkson
11. goddess - banks
12. fuck em only we know - banks
13. tennis court - lorde
14. the love club - lorde
15. team - lorde
16. womanizer - britney spears
17. stronger - britney spears
18. no scrubs - tlc
19. too little, too late - jojo
20. hard out here - lily allen
21. bitch better have my money - rihanna
22. worth it - fifth harmony
23. we can’t stop - miley cyrus
24. can’t be tamed - miley cyrus
25. wannabe - spice girls
26. spice up your life - spice girls
27. strut - cheetah girls
28. hollaback girl - gwen stefani
29. nobody’s perfect - hannah montana
30. feeling myself - nicki minaj, beyoncé
31. 7/11 - beyoncé
32. flawless remix - beyoncé, nicki minaj
33. ring off - beyoncé
34. party - beyoncé, andre 3000
35. schoolin’ life - beyoncé
36. diva - beyoncé
37. ring the alarm - beyoncé
38. freakum dress - beyoncé
39. cool slut - chastity belt
40. bang bang - jessie j, ariana grande, nicki minaj
41. slow down - selena gomez
42. who says - selena gomez
43. hit the lights - selena gomez
44. poker face - lady gaga
45. applause - lady gaga
46. the wire - haim
47. falling - haim
48. forever - haim
49. anything could happen - ellie goulding
50. starry eyed - ellie goulding
51. one, two step - ciara, missy elliott
52. lose control - missy elliott, fatman scoop, ciara
53. wtf (where they from) - missy elliott, pharrell williams
54. don’t rain on my parade - glee cast