good conversation...with megan robertson


Meet Megan Robertson! Also known as Mobs. Also known as the co-founder of the fun new feminist podcast, The Snark Side. This picture was taken by Christina Huneycutt, her bff and fellow co-founder. 

by Megan Robertson

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young millennial in possession of good taste, must be in want of a podcast to listen to. For me, podcasts are an ideal form of entertainment while I’m working on something visual and don’t want to have to keep glancing at the TV (or more typically, missing visual cues and being confused).

As a recent listener-turned-podcaster, I’ve been listening to several series for inspiration. They all happen to be hosted by women, but I feel that (with one notable exception) they’re all palatable to a pretty general audience. I hope you enjoy them and if you don’t, feel free to harass me on the Internet. (I’m desperate for human contact.)

  • Guys We Fucked (this is the one notable exception - many men would certainly find this show entertaining, but I think women will enjoy it more in general)
    This podcast is recorded by two comedienne Brooklynites, Corinne and Krystyna. It’s the “anti-slut shaming podcast” and it’s hilarious, informative, and thought provoking in one fell swoop. The hosts talk about their own escapades (which are inspiringly adventurous), answer listeners’ questions, and talk with a wide variety of guests, from fellow comics to the famous adult performer Stoya. This was, surprisingly, a great listen for the gym--it makes the time pass quickly, it’ll make you giggle/ponder on the treadmill, and it makes you think about being naked, which is excellent motivation. 
    Episode to start on: The Stoya Episode
  • Mystery Show 
    Starlee Kine solves whimsical mysteries on this podcast. She also charms and delights everyone she comes across. When I first heard her voice, I noticed her slight speech impediment and figured that I’d be too distracted by it to keep listening. Instead, I fell in love with the darn woman. To me, the mysteries are really a backdrop to Starlee’s wonderful personality and mannerisms, and when they get solved it’s just the cherry on top.
    Episode to start on: Belt Buckle
  • Unqualified with Anna Faris 
    Anna Faris (of Scary Movie and marriage to Chris Pratt) and a revolving door of celebrity friends shoot the breeze and give relationship advice to civilians on every episode. If you’ve never heard Retta drop wisdom on someone who needs it, this is a perfect opportunity. Chris also makes occasional appearances (or whatever the radio version of an appearance is), and the whole thing will both make you laugh and inspire you to protect your lil heart.
    Episode to start on: Aubrey Plaza & Retta
  • Two Dope Queens 
    If you love Jessica Williams (and who doesn’t?), this podcast will be the perfect thing to tide you over between her stint at The Daily Show and the premiere of her new Comedy Central gig (and beyond). In a typical episode, she and her BFF Phoebe Robinson have some hilarious offstage exchanges and then hand it over to a few stand-up comedians, who perform live for the recording. Every episode is reliably funny and pulls double duty by featuring a diverse group of comedians who deserve the spotlight.
    Episode to start on: #12 A Lenny Kravitz Smackdown