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holiday lookbook: part one of four

happy holidays from your friendly office vampire.


So you don't look like every other square at the office party.

The key to this look is combining a fun shoe with some cool-ass vintage pants and any old button down will do. BUT only button the top button. Or, even better, find a ribbon to loop through the top button and go button-free!

A great way to sex up your grandfatherly office style or a solution if you happen upon a really great reverse tuxedo top and don't notice that it has NO BUTTONS !! until it's on.

Add a couple of chunky scarves for good measure because #1 maybe it's colder than 80-degree-Los-Angeles where you are and #2 it helps you cover up the sex factor until the opportune moment in which you will almost flash everyone! So fun.


Photos by Tavis Gray

Outfit deets: The Balm Meet Matte Lipstick in "Loyal," old Free People red flats, scarves similar to this Everlane one and this Madewell one, big black Gucci men's boots I thrifted in London, Target black flats, vintage top and pants found by Mr. Tavis Gray, and a random green ribbon I just have because I compulsively save every ribbon I can get my hands on.