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Happy May, Flufers!!! One of my favorite months, the crossing of two of my favorite astrological seasons, and three cheers for the onset of summer! The Sun is currently in earthy Taurus, giving us a chance to hone in our senses, spend our sweet time doing only what feels good, and hopefully catch up on some much needed rest! May always brings me memories of the school year coming to a close. Let yourself feel that same excitement. Use the energy of the Sun in Taurus to iron out the details of any upcoming festivities or travels. This month is the perfect time to get real with yourself about the way you spend time (and money!) and decide if the habits you recognize are ones you want to hold onto.

We start the Month of May with a beautiful New Moon in Taurus on May 4. With the Sun and Moon in Taurus on this day, you can take extra care to tie up any loose ends in the sunshine, so you can fully relax in the shadow of the moon that night. Think flossing as self-care, making regular doctors appointments and actually going to them, and cooking yourself a beautiful meal with the freshest ingredients you can find. Set yourself up to have habits that keep you feeling good for the long run. On May 6, Mercury trades explosive Aries for practical Taurus, giving us an opportunity to get super grounded in our communication. We’re seeing and speaking of things logically. We’re avoiding mixed messages and getting crystal clear with our words.

Venus finds itself in its most exalted position, entering Taurus on May 15. If there’s one day this month that you make making love a priority, let this be the day! Do your best not to get greedy and find yourself feeling more at home in terms of love and money. May 18 brings us our Full Moon in Scorpio, which asks us to dig deep to turn negatives into positives. This Moon asks us, “What can be released to allow me to receive?” This is the time for the deep spring-cleaning out of closets—the skeletons, secrets, and all. Let them go for good this time.

May 21 leads the Sun into Gemini and brings the party with it! Gemini is all about socializing with anyone and everyone, learning without fear, and brainstorming with friends. Geminis are known for their ability to literally never stop speaking, so as we step into this season, don’t be afraid to say whatever comes to mind! See where your conversations take you and explore new friendships.

As in months past, I pulled tarot cards for each sign to guide us through May. This month is sure to bring us lots of meaningful conversations and reflections, just promise me that whoever you meet this month—you ask their sign and read their horoscope aloud to them. ;)


Wheel of Fortune

This month is all about new beginnings for you, Aries. See every new person you meet, new place you visit, and new invitation as an opportunity to propel yourself forward. There will always be things you can control, and things you can’t. Focus on what you can. Cut ties with the rest. Hold on tight to what is most dear to you, especially people. They will be your anchor during the tides of change. If there are external forces instilling doubt, remind yourself that you know better. Remind yourself of every risk that has been taken and that has worked out in your favor. Change is the only constant and you know that. In fact, you thrive on the ability to bring confidence into any uneasy room. For you Aries, this month has to do with spinning the wheel and placing your bets. You rarely hold back when it comes to taking action, and this month is no different, but you can go into it even more fearlessly, knowing luck is on your side in any new endeavor you’re pursuing.


Two of Rods

Have you ever felt in partnership with yourself, Taurus? This is the month to discover what exactly that means. We are in your sign for much of the month, so take as much time as possible to take care of YOU. Living life alongside friends and lovers can be incredible but you often spend so much time taking care of those around you that you forget to wine and dine yourself. You’re ready to be heard as you, fully speaking in your own voice, independent of the associations others make with you. The two of rods shows up when we’re ready to take the next step really seriously. Be it going back to school, or going on your first solo trip. It says, with all the love in the world, “You are ready for this, trust it.” Think long term about what you want your life to look like. You love to set yourself up for success financially, but what about emotionally? Mentally? Is there anything you’re sacrificing for the space you need to be your best self? Finding balance across the board is an endless journey, but you’re beyond ready for it.


The Star

How fitting that you’d come up as The Star, Gemini! We enter your season in May, and Mercury, your signs ruler, enters Gemini by the end of the month as well. We’ll all be sure to be absolutely blabbing our heads off, but what are we really getting at here? Maybe all of this talking can provide some healing. The Star gently guides us to use our best and brightest gifts to find moments of peace. How we can choose our words in a way that serves not just ourselves, but anyone who hears them? You have the gift of making anyone feel like they can speak up too, but what can you do to show them that they’ll also be heard? You lead by example. Trust that this month, people are not just hearing you, they’re listening. Make sure you’re doing the same. Your words have the power to inspire, instill optimism and motivate people to action. You can wage war, or encourage peace. The Star also speaks to the power of transformation. It is not the transformation of the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis but rather the transformation after having returned home from a long journey. You’re the same person with new perspective. You’re a little wiser, a little more tolerant, and a little hopeful that we are more alike than we are different. Talk about it, talk about everything that’s happened on that journey and how it led to where you are today.


The Hanged Man

You could use a new perspective, Cancer. You’re not stuck. You’re never stuck. You can exit this vehicle at anytime, and you can do it safely, by pulling over, parking, and getting out. It can be exhausting to always be the person to make the tough decisions, but at the same time, isn’t it the biggest blessing? You know in your heart of hearts better than anyone else when something isn’t working, and when it’s truly not, you can just get out – re: the parked vehicle. Often times when we’re feeling really stuck, we just need to look at a situation with fresh eyes.  If you’re being met with the same challenges time and again, start asking different questions. Beyond that, start imagining different scenarios. What’s your ideal outcome of the current situation? What would need to change in order for you to get your ideal outcome? What if you stopped everything you were doing in order to deal with the current situation and you got on a plane to Bali instead? What if everyone involved in the situation all had to get on a plane together and go to Bali? It’s all perspective. You have every right to be picky but be honest if your particularities get in the way of truly enjoying a moment. Ask the person next to you how the whole thing seems to them.


Queen of Cups

You are stepping into a completely new space of introspection and renewal, Leo. You are always a leader but this month you are leading with a wholly gentle compassion. You are filling your own cup by identifying the people and spaces that allow you to feel safe and creative. How often do you let your intuition lead? How often do you let nurturing be your driving force? You don’t usually struggle with loving yourself and understanding how you best receive love, but use this month and a time to check in on the love languages of those nearest and dearest to you. Maybe giving and receiving gifts is totally your thing, but your boo is more a “words of affirmation” kinda person. Check in on those you may not think need it. Remind them you’re still there if they need you, even if it’s from a distance. When was the last time you let love be a little messy? Just because you are always royalty, doesn’t mean you always have to hold it together. Feelings can be messy. Whatever arises this month, you can keep your crown and let the emotions flow.


The Hierophant

The Hierophant shows up when we’re looking for structure, so you should be feeling right at home here, Virgo. Structure is your game, but leaning into it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice any creativity, in fact, it’s just the opposite! When we’re confident in our plans and we have everything we need to execute them, the sky’s the limit on the flavors we can add along the way. If you need to go back and learn more about whatever you’re working on, the end product will be well worth it. A Virgo never regrets becoming an expert. Don’t be afraid to take your time. Virgo’s are known perfectionists, but there’s a reason for it. You understand the value of a slow build. Remind yourself though, of why you started building in the first place. Who are what drives you? This month may lead you to an unexpected community, especially one that is in the same mindset of self-betterment. I firmly believe when The Hierophant appears, you’re ready to really take the advice you dish out to others. You’re ready to see the possibilities, acknowledge your responsibilities and take ownership of your endeavors.



The Sun

It’s always a party when The Sun appears, so use this month to soak it all up, Libra, and do what you do best: make it a party for everyone around you! You never have trouble saying yes to invitations and exploring new friendships, but this month has extra special connection in store for you when you really put yourself out there. Whatever you’ve been working on is all about to come to fruition. If you’ve been holding off on pursuing a project or waiting for the perfect moment, the time to pursue action is now. You won’t have to look for it. If you’re talking about your passions and projects, the people you need to bring them to life are going to appear all around you. Now is not the time to lay low, Libra. Mercury moving through Taurus into Gemini will have you feeling like your talking points are stronger than ever. Talk it all up. Talk yourself up, talk your friends up, and if anything or anyone tries to dim your shine, remember it’s not your problem, The Sun never asks if it’s too bright, and they can just put on sunglasses. This month you’ll be extra in tune to recognizing when the warmth of others is coming from a genuine place, so take advantage of the bursts of intuition when they come. You’re completely shining, and when you shine, you bring out the shine in others. Use this month to lean into all the things that feel the most you.



As tough as this can be to hear Scorpio, you are not the deliverer of Karma. And as much as you want to right the wrongs of the world, the way you can do it best is to simply live your truth. Your ruler, Pluto, just went retrograde and this may have you on a deep dive into past situations or traumas that you wish could have been handled differently. You can’t go back in time, but you can find healing right here in the present, and you can start with yourself. So often, when we think of things that hurt us, we’re hearing it from the perspective of another person. It’s okay to examine why something hurt you. Maybe there’s truth in it, or maybe it’s just a projection of the person who hurt you. But the Full Moon in Scorpio this month allows us to look into every crevice of our shadow-selves and make peace with them. If you want to change the world, start with you. Start with gentle moments of self-love. Take a minute to breathe in every bit of the good. Breathe in everything that is working, everything that’s going to way you imagined it would. Start with that.



You are ready to let some shit GO, Sagittarius. It’s not always easy to know when you’re ready to cut ties with a person, job, or object, but if something in particular keeps coming up as questionable, or is consistently making you feel bad, you’re ready to release it. And the thing is, deep down, you’ve known it for a long time. Whatever reservations you have about letting go, get to the root of it. As a fire sign, you have a really hard time sitting with your emotions for too long, but if you can manage it, your emotions and reactions will teach you a lot about your personal patterns, and allow you to find some real freedom. Spring cleaning is happening for every sign this month, but for you especially. The New Moon in Taurus on May 4 lets you sit with the real real. It lets you clearly identify what you need and what you don’t. So by the Full Moon on May 18, everything has come into the light and you’re feeling prepared to see it for what it is, especially the stuff that feels icky. Clear out the old to make room for the new. Something bigger and better than you could have imagined is coming to fill up your life with all sorts of adventure and excitement, but you’ve go to clear some space for it first.


Seven of Swords

You’re not one to hide from the truth Capricorn, but this month things may not always be coming across as clearly as you want them to, especially towards the end of the month when Mercury leaves reliable Taurus for chatty Gemini. Don’t stress yourself (or others) out looking for something that isn’t there. You have a tendency to fixate on the details, but you might be missing something that’s part of a bigger picture. When dealing with disputes, don’t be afraid to put the whole thing on pause and come back to it. You might be in your head too much to find an unbiased solution. You almost never back down from a challenge, but it might do you some good every once in awhile. Not every battle is yours to fight, and in fact, some battles aren’t meant for you to be involved in at all. How often are you willing to consider that you might be part of a problem? This month, be open to the possibility that sometimes the best thing you can do for everyone is take a step back. You’re always willing to recognize the truth, but also be willing to recognize someone else’s truth too. In the end, it may feel like a vacation of sorts to let someone else pick up and put together all the pieces for once!


Four of Swords

Okay, 1. I pulled this card last you month for you, Aquarius! 2. You must still be go go go, a million miles a minute, 100% of the time. You have an endless supply of creative ideas to build on and strategies to propose, but you might be better off zoning in on one thing a time that really feeds your soul. And if you’re feeling like it feeds your soul to tackle everything all at once this month, you’re gonna need time to recharge if you want to consistently keep up that kind of pace. This month can offer a lot in terms of purposeful rest. You can still create magic around that rest, but at the end of the day, see yourself as a crystal. Settle in the glow of the Full Moon on May 18 and then spend a full day out in the sunshine. You don’t have any trouble disconnecting from the chaos of the world when you really allow yourself to do it. Try a full day without social media, without news apps, and without alarms set. Sometimes all you need are a few moments totally alone to come back to doing what feels good. Listen to your body when it’s saying it needs a break. Feed it good food and drink lots of water. Charge yourself up! Get intentional about the way you spend your downtime. Decide to make it really about you.


Knight of Rods

Ah! This was the same card as last month, Pisces! There’s a lesson still to be learned here still. Things are changing at lighting speed for you right now, which I’m sure feels terrifying, but the best thing you can do is just step right up to the plate! The best thing about conditions changing really quickly is that moments of contraction won’t last too long. They’re all here to teach you something, but try not to get hung up on the “why” of it all. The universe has your back, Taurus season has your back, your friends and loved ones have your back—now more than ever—so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Identify the moments that feel scarier than the rest, take a big breath and know that it’s going to pass as quickly as it came on. Don’t hide from the things that scare you, they’ll keep coming up again and again the longer they’re avoided. The faster you deal with something, the faster it’s over and done with! It will only give you more time to focus on the things that feel really, really good. With Gemini season right around the corner, you’re going to find yourself chatting it up and talking through things more than ever. These moments are preparing you for that!

Overall, the energy around this month is super sweet for each and every one of us. And no matter what happens, we can always make the choice to take a step back, to order in Thai food, and to binge watch Game of Thrones from season one! And those are just a few options of things you are certain to not regret. Stay wrapped up in these good Taurus season vibes as long as you can, because when we start shifting into Gemini energy, the pace is gonna pick up big time. Have a marvelous May, Fluf friends!! Remember you are made up of everything magic. Until next time!



Model: Taylor Mikiska
Photographer: Victoria Cragg
Make Up Artist: Jamie Cern
Hair Stylist: Maggie Elisabeth