menswear spring summer 18


I went to a screening of the documentary Dries two weeks ago. I have since become enlightened and set on a journey I did never expect to journ. A kind of hero’s quest into pretty fabric samples, if you will. A Skywalkian passage through Fashion 101. Basically, I am now the Odysseus of ready-to-wear.

Dries is a portrait of the designer Dries Van Noten at work, both as a reflection on his rise and as a study on his process in creating his collection for SS ’16. I was taken by the film’s exploration of his craftsmanship. Not a button under-analyzed, nor a print non-painstakingly picked apart. His is an art in details, and one I found myself mesmerized by. I’ve always been attracted to discerning the sort of details that at first seem inconsequential but ultimately make or break a piece of art. I had always considered high fashion somewhat frivolous before coming to the realization it’s like any other art – a delicate expression of a time, culture, and self.

So LOL I’m a fashion expert now.

At truly no one’s request, I put together a ~Pinterest board~ (also so hella new to me and I’ll admit some transient shame) for my favorite pieces from the top designers in menswear for SS ’18. Across the spectrum, there was an affinity for the Dad-On-Vacation look that has become so popular in the past few years/decades/since my father wore an open-collared pelican print and mustache to my 3rd grade orientation. I attempted to veer my eye away from this and instead focused on pieces that massaged my 70’s-glared eye for interesting prints and cuts that spoke to me as who I truly am: a lazy businessman.

Also I loved a lot of coats that make no sense for LA weather? One can aspire to better precipitation.

Standout collections for me came from newish newcomers Hecho (for weekend getaways to your damn villa) and Palomo Spain (gender-bending and fascinating wears for any occasion as long as there’s a camera to document your fuckin’ aura). Also recently, famously worn by B.

Oh and that one Gucci jumpsuit that should it ever grace my body would produce of me both a responsible racecar driver AND a freaky spaceman here to extract several human hearts for study and snack, ba boom boom boom.

And at last, please only dream of me as a Fancy Bellboy from now through eternity. K THX!