sustain series: ilana kohn


Ilana Kohn is a jumpsuit hero which, in case you haven't heard, is the 2017 version of a jukebox hero. Made-in-the-U-S-of-A. Queen of stunning silhouettes in beautiful colors. She started defining the landscape of new American classics in 2012. In five short years, she's garnered a cult of "dystopian jumpsuit" worshippers who frequently call the shop where I work to inquire after, get on hold for, and immediately buy her work.

Well, I would just like to thank the fashion witch goddesses for both Ilana and the discount I get at my place of employment, because you're looking at the new owner of the Lee jumpsuit in black denim - it's the first of many Ilana pieces I plan on adding to my closet slowly but surely.

This type of garment really proves why cost per wear is more important than just plain cost at checkout. It is undoubtedly "expensive" in comparison to any fast fashion item. But with that cost, I not only pay for the quality of design and fair labor that went into this beautiful Hepburn-esque masterpiece, I also pay for the number of times I'll be able to wear it.

This is one of the only (almost) full-priced items I'm going to buy all fall and winter and I know that its sturdy, well-sewn denim will last me for literal years and decades to come. Can't say the same for anything I'd find at Zara or even really Reformation, to be honest.

So here's to paying artists for their designs, artisans for their hard work, and also to appreciating the beautiful, shared, storied humanity that comes with the making of the clothes on your back. How many times do I need to say this before you'll stop shopping at H&M? ;)