a new york promise


This time, when you called my name, I forgot all my reasons for not coming to begin with. No more excuses, expenses, fears. Only possibility. 

My heart belongs to the Atlantic, whichever side I end up on, and you are where I will first bring me home. On this coast where all my ancestors sailed, from somewhere, in search of something, and built lives and generations.

With you, I will start again. I am the same me but will become better. I will remember that I owe no one and I own no thing. I will be at home in my own soul, the only possession I have, I will make it a present that I am proud to live in and share with others. 

I will delight in your dirt, your trash, your struggle and sin. Your seasons, your altars, your hustle and hum. I will pass by and catch eyes with a million strangers, fall in love again and again with your honking harmony and sacred subway journeys. 

In advance, I’d like to say: I hate you, I love you, nice to see you again. I’d like to be friends, I hope you’ll let me stay for a while.

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