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2016 colors of the year

After Radiant Orchid took the fashion world by storm in 2014, Pantone made the questionable choice of inventing their own color - Marsala - as the emblem color of 2015. People didn't really get it. (My reactions: Like oxblood, but... old and dusty-looking? We see what you're going for with the whole 70s earth tone thing, but no one knows what to do with it.)

This year they are turning things around by following everyone's favorite trend: making totally unpolitical things political. They've picked baby blue and pink, right in the midst of an important worldwide gender equality conversation. And I personally think it's spot on. 

We all know this was a great PR move on Pantone's part. But I love the fashion industry's recent involvement in visually communicating serious issues. Fashion trends are too often dismissed as "girly," which seems to imply weakness and superficiality. But fashion is the way we react to the world around us and communicate ourselves to others. When you examine the history of modesty, identity, and liberty across the world, dress is always an important lens to look through. I think picking colors that carry sociopolitical significance is an exciting move.

Maybe this exact subject was what subconsciously brought these colors to my mind when I got pink fever this summer. It happened seemingly overnight... One day I was mindlessly scrolling through fun feminist tumblrs, the next, I was getting my hair bleached & dyed pink. YTF not, you know? 
And ever since, I've been obsessed with this updated, edgy pastel trend.

Here's to a year of fun & frill, but also acceptance, and balance.
It's gonna be a good one.


PS: Because 52 Pinterest boards ISN'T ENOUGH, I've made a new one just for this and I'll be pinning my psycho little heart out all year long. Send your favorite rose / serenity blue images my way!



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the original tumblr inspiration for Pantone's pic? |
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does this trend remind anyone else of that scene from Sleeping Beauty?
pictures from Paris this summer,
which for some reason lent itself to many pinks & blues,
and therefore turned out to be the most fashion-forward city we visited.
go figure <3