sisters of the moon

Witching is no longer a seasonal, costumed affair - it’s a year-round state of mind. There are few female archetypes more powerful than the witch, and with the continuous rise in mainstream feminism, females and felines everywhere have been reclaiming the word Witch.

There are good witches and bad witches, happy witches and sad witches. But they’re all full of magic, and you can be one TOO. Here are a few role models to get you in a moony mood, sister.


Solange. Don’t let her light, bubbly melodies fool you. This witch means business. Her name may not be as commonplace as that of her sister witch, but her messages, melodies, and listenership are, dare I say it, even better. Only the best witches can encapsulate the disturbing facts of the American past and present so powerfully, and so beautifully, vocally refuse to “back of, sit down, keep quiet”.

Emma Watson. Nuff said.

Amandla Stenberg. Spreader of important facts, carrier of social justice truth and light, fashion goddess, member of the Art Hoe Collective for creatives of color and also of mother Beyonce’s exclusive Lemonade crew. Just 18 and she’s already ruling the world. 

Rowan Blanchard. The woke witch. Her style may be school girl but her third/fourth-wave feminist messages are next level adult. Talk about a role model.

Ariana Grande. Also known as Moonlight Bae. Her girly bubblegum sound is hauntingly enchanting and magically powerful. The perfect combination of take home to mom cute and party girl witch. And don’t you dare try to ask her “how her boyfriend is”.

Elfaba. She was just a misunderstood animal rights activist, don’t you know?


Beyoncé. Southern Gothic Witch, Wife Witch, Mother Witch, H-Town Bow Down Witch. This witch can make lemonade out of anything she damn well pleases. The end of glass ceilings and systematic racism will undoubtedly be thanks to her control of the Illuminati, which is just a fancy word for all of our minds. She’s the baddest witch in town.

Stevie Nicks. Of course. The Original Witch. Gold Dust Woman. Sister of the Moon. Rhiannon in the flesh. Don’t mess.

Banks. Nothing more power-witch than taking all your heartbreak and frustration and channeling it in to a devilishly good album.

Rihanna. My friend Catie recently said, “I feel like she’d eat Drake alive!” That’s my kinda witch.

Sophia Amoruso. Thief, punk, dropout, delinquent, anarchist, eBay queen, Chief Executive Nasty Witch. I’ve never heard a witchier Cinderella story. (And she’s all about giving back. From pro-Planned Parenthood shirts to the Girlboss Foundation, maybe she’s a good witch after all!)

Gabi Heystick. Instagram sorceress and Vivienne Westwood punkwitch with a killer haircut.

Galinda The Good. Contrary to popular belief (and her name’s implication), this witch wanted a perfect life and never took no for an answer. She’s so good at being good, it’s almost…bad.

The list goes on and on: Chloe and Halle, Willow Smith, Gloria Steinem, Grimes… There are witches all around you, if you only choose to see.

Happy Season of the Witch.


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Pictures by Tavis Gray.
Tattoos by The Honorable Society.

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