take my breath away

80s inspiration is back. And CNN, as they so often do, has their timing just right. All those funny shoulder-padded, jewel-tone things that I used to steal from my mother’s closet for tacky costume days at school are suddenly appealing for everyday wear. The number one thing I've been lusting after is a bomber jacket. They’ve been enjoying their time on the sunny peak of the trend cycle for a while now. I, however, seem to be stuck in this fun cycle of mild poverty and extreme clothing pickiness, yet still wanting to experience each trend before it reaches total oblivion. So here I go, joining the aviatrix ranks of KenGi & crew (for less than $135, thank you very much) and loving every minute of it.

Socialites aside, here are some phrases I've enjoyed of late: Off-the-shoulder sweaters year-round. Faux fur collars. Puffer jackets. Bomber jackets. Top Gun. Bruce Springsteen. America. Meg Ryan’s hair. Kelly McGillis’ hair. Hair. Lots of it. Silk. Embroidery. I’m talking about Alexander McQueen. Sarah Burton did them for autumn, but why not start now? It may be hot as Hades but JacketGate 2016 happened and I will not let it lie. BEAUTY IS SWEAT.

So thanks to the creators of Top Gun for motivating my mother to break up with both of the unimpressive dudes she was lowkey two-timing in 1986. Because, in her own words, "I saw that movie and thought - there's gotta be something better out there than these two assholes." Thanks to my favorite comedian/dancer/wonder woman, K8 4sberg, for creating this beautiful tribute to inspire the masses. And thanks again, you lovely unknown America’s Thrift donor for these amazing jackets. ~ More to come! ~


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outfit 1: thrifted Timber King bomber, American Eagle top, J. Crew skirt, white Chucks that I am not over yet
outfit 2: sweater found at Crossroads Trading, thrifted vintage Calvins

photos by stay fierce