the perfect puffin

Here's how I've been feeling lately... put it visually.
90s streetwear, mom jeans, sports bras, lots and lots of jacket inspiration. From bombers to puffers, I'm feelin it all. *NSYNC is also important to me.

And it may have been 90 degrees in the sunny (read: sweaty) state of Georgia when I found it but this PERFECT $14 thrift store puffer cannot be tamed. It is all-season. It is worth. the. sweat. I will call it my puffin. It may be the love of my life.

I've only got a few weeks left in Athens, so I will be exploring all the spots I've never been to / wearing this jacket the whole time so that everyone in this town will remember me that way. Here, you can see me making a fool out of myself in front of the graffiti wall under the Pulaski Heights train tracks. But Catie took the pictures, so who's the real fool?

On that blessed 90-degree day, which I am now referring to as JacketGate, I also had the extreme luck of discovering an equally-seasonally-inappropriate 80s bomber. So stay tuned for some Top Gun feelz.


inspiration photo credits:  Austin Hargrave for Billboard magazine,
*NSYNC & more *NSYNC by Getty Images  
Calvin Klein pics by Tyrone Lebon,
~*vintage*~ 90s puffer pics found on,
which is a beautiful, beautiful place.