Cropped by Trev Daddy

Here’s the thing: Crops are in.

We all know it. But what is the first thing you envision when I say this? A female of some sort rocking a crop top of some style? Maybe even a feminine humanoid rocking cropped flare pants? Why not a man in a crop top?

I personally like envisioning a little kindergarten-style illustration of the globe outlined by boys and girls of all shapes and sizes holding hands, wearing crop tops, ushering in a peaceful, fashionable tomorrow. “I’d like to teach the world to sing… I’d like to buy the world a crop!” You know?

Enter Trevor Blake, man of many exceptionally on-trend hats. University of Georgia fashion merchandising and studio art student, forward-thinking fashion designer, locally-famous #dynaguy, CHAMPION of crop tops for all. To name a few.

When he showed up to present his research in front of our Dress and Culture class, he wore a killer black pinstriped suit with a cropped tee featuring Michael Jackson underneath. As opposed to some of our classmates’ mediocre presentations on easy-to-research subjects, he gave an impassioned and engaging talk on male midriff and crop top usage. I left feeling inspired, energized, and determined to make the boyfriend wear coordinating crop top outfits with me.

I soon came to find out that Trevor is bringing a crop top collection of his own to my favorite Athens store, Dynamite, and we immediately began brainstorming a photoshoot to promote the line. The models would be myself, Steve, two ACTUAL models, and Trevor. You can tell in the pictures who the pros are. LOL.

So here’s a big shout out to Trevor for creating all these gorgeous crops and lending us a few pieces of his own wardrobe, and to Dynamite for a few of their pieces as well! Make sure to stop by their store on Jackson St. for the GRAND CROP TOP DEBUT on May 24th if you want to snag one of these babies cause they’re gonna go fast.

Make sure to check out our fabulous models Tyra Luke, Drew Huggins, and Stephen Gold (lol) on Insta! And, of course, a big ole thank you to Cat Stew of Stay Fierce for immortalizing us all on film (ok, ok, it's digital, but you get it).