day in the lyfe

this week i had a really cool opportunity to do a photoshoot with the my athens social media director, austin steele. he is a super-talented advertising major with a photojournalism emphasis and yes, he's the dude that kills the my athens insta game erry damn day.

so, for one of his photojournalism classes, he had to creatively feature someone's career through a portrait & the fun ensued from there.

the best part was our friend taylor
1. carried a hamper full of clothes around dt athens for hours
2. threw said clothes at me about 1,000 times while austin continuously critiqued her subpar clothes-throttling abilities and
3. she just so happened to be wearing her super stylin pjs that day, which i thought really completed the fashionable yet lazy housewife look.

basically, taylor and austin are both amazing.

a few other cool things that happened this week:

  •  i wrote this thing
  •  umano had a fabulous sample sale
  •  uga trendsetters is doing cool stuff on insta
  • the dior show was inside a giant flower mound and rihanna was a goddess who left no mortals unslain, as usual
  • my trend forecasting class had a hilariously fun "future of fashion" show, to which my teacher wore a KILLER baby blue latex dress... pictures to come <3
  • tibi designer & creative director / uga alumna, amy smilovic, held a fashion show here in athens & i was lucky enough to interview her for ampersand magazine

(& internally, quietly LOST MY MIND a little bit :D )

and now i am going to sleep 4ever.


but u can call me sleeping booty

but u can call me sleeping booty

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