one year and three days ago, a wee little bloggy was born.

with the generous emotional, physical, spiritual/metaphysical, figurative, literal, economical, reaganomical support of so many friends, family, cool small businesses and publications, the fluf now has a devoted baby following comprised of some of the coolest people i've ever met.

the blog has successfully transitioned from a hobby with a terrible name (rip "styled by sarah") to what i like to consider a full-time job and a wonderful excuse for ignoring the majority of my semi-important senior year coursework.

from the beginning, it has been an outlet for me to express my thoughts, my travels, my musical inspirations, and to bring the images i create in my never-quiet mind to life. and it has quickly become my motivation for exploring new aesthetic ideas, pushing myself to stay creative and weird, and leaping out of my comfort zone in so many different aspects of my life.

so THANK YOU, a thousand times, to those of you who have encouraged me and kept up with this interesting and unusual journey. to every person who has gone out of their way to not only read what i have to say but to kindly compliment my aesthetic ramblings, you have no idea what you mean to me. people who tell me that they've had the same weird ideas on trends and music and the constant need to explore the world never cease to amaze me. i am truly lucky to have so many inspiring humans around me.

#waaayup #blessed

most importantly, thank you to my best friend & photographer, catie stewart.
we've been ride or die for 10 years. and besides supporting every single weird-ass, nonsensical idea i've had, she is the person who pushed me to stop wearing nothing but t-shirts 3 years ago. thank God. she has helped me get over every anxiety, indecision, and mistake that i've had regarding this blog and also my life. and none of this would look so cool, or even exist, without her proof-reading & photography skills.

you are all amazing, thank you for reading, i am emotional, it's been A YEAR, and there's so much more to come. this has been the world's most long-winded, least-poetic toast, so feel free to drink up immediately. you deserve it. i deserve it. we could all use a little more pink moscato in our systems, am i right ladiez?! 


ft. catie & k8 4sberg & emily

october 3, 2014

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