happening lately: fashion + the flu

what's happening lately is
the flu
september 2015



when you are grossly sick and lying around for days
missing out on all the #CoOL things your friends are doing
or just missing out on class, which is kind of fun, but usually better when you actually chose to skip instead of forcibly missing numerous formulas and vocab terms that will be on your tests next week...

the only cure for these hard times is fashion.
the cure for everything is fashion.
as carson from downton abbey, and other wise men before him, have said,
"if you are tired of style, you are tired of life."

things to catch up on if you are a uga student and inevitably going to get this sickness that is spreading like wildfire:

1 - alexa chung's vogue series
the one where she breaks into the fashion industry. alexa is by no means an outsider to the fashion world but she's trying to make it more approachable and understandable for the rest of us plebeians and, bless her heart, she looks so cute doing it.

2 - all your fashion weeks

nyfw  spring summer 2016 ::  GIRLY POP   clockwise from left: carolina herrera, tibi, rosie assoulin, j crew, cynthia rowley, oscar de la renta, lela rose, rodebjer, and clover canyon

nyfw spring summer 2016 :: GIRLY POP
clockwise from left: carolina herrera, tibi, rosie assoulin, j crew, cynthia rowley, oscar de la renta, lela rose, rodebjer, and clover canyon

to people in the non-fashion sphere (and even those in it, let's be real) the concept of "fashion week" is confusing because it showcases the trends to come in 6 months and it's also a month long, not a week long (new york, london, milan, and paris each get their own week).
for the real fashion writers, all the globe-trotting and fabulous-fashion-reviewing is undoubtedly exhausting, but for those of us in the real world tryna graduate from college, it is equally as difficult to keep up with every slideshow on vogue.com while attempting to pay attention in class/study/not drop out of school to chase our dreams.

3 - make something

obviously difficult when you are confined to your bed, but mood boards (pinterest boards, refined tumblr profiles, etc), playlists, and long lists of important things to do are some of my favorite things to make. i'm all about that in-bed, lazy-life #productivity.
(i recommend putting this disclosure + lorde song at the top of your playlist. or just listening to it on repeat.)

4 - get ready for faaaaall suckas!

from your bed, you can do it all! start planning outfits, excursions, decorations, recipes, and most importantly watch a lot of fall / wintertime movies like when harry met sally, harry potter (always the best for Christmas scenes), and charlie brown's christmas.
oh yeah, I'm one of those. the Christmas season usually starts for me sometime between august and october, depending on how excited i am. but always before halloween (another thing to get excited for!!).

5 - the neeeews

i almost forgot... there are things happening outside the weird little universe that exists inside my head! the ADORABLE and ever-wise Pope himself is in the land of the free. 
there are important quizzes to take on which party / candidate you should side with in the upcoming election (being politically aware is intelligent, fashionable, and required if you care in the least about the course of your life in this country or if you're ever going to complain about the future administration). 
& whether or not this counts as news, i don't really care - jimmy fallon is always in style. and his youtube videos will last you for days. 


the perfect time to get into cool blogs/mags like rookie, dazed & confused, and my fave man repeller.
i am also going to attempt finishing the last 1/4 of pride & prejudice, which i borrowed from my roommate and started 3 years ago. also on my list are outlander, queen of the tearling (which is supposed to star emma watson in the movie version), game of thrones, and re-reading harry potter for probably the 9th time.

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