on the many uses of a tennis skirt

not playing tennis?
being a naked mole rat
being a corpse x ____ x
(cue catie saying: i feel this is csi & i am uncomfortable)
turtleneck-hair-ing (turtlenecks & tennis skirts : WHO KNEW)
embodying the 21st century material girl minnie mouse
creating an outfit that shows off your unshaven pits
just overall portraying the cute-ratchet look
pretending you exist in a lorde song
going on a hot, braless date
being a fuckboii
wes anderson?

don't forget tennis skirts are also prime for soft smilin and creepin in2 ppl's DMs. 
SO many uses!!!

(God bless american apparel)

how do you use YOUR tennis skirt?
*side eye emoji* *skull emoji* *tacky pink heart with glitter emoji* *poop emoji* *why doesn't this website let me use emojis*


outfit 1: helmut lang sweatshirt, adidas fuckbois

outfit 2: forever 21 crop top, LIGHT UP PINK MINNIE MOUSE EARS, primark platforms

outfit 3: reformation turtleneck dress worn as shirt, men's gucci boots found in a charity shop #blessed


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