taking the western thing too far

because i think taking things too far is always an interesting/exciting/??? :D way to live.

today we took pics of my new favorite shirt in some shitty backyard lighting. it's hard out here for a cowgirl, you know? #college #thewest #whereami #imnotreallyhere

howdy pardners, come here often?

in seriousness, i have been wearing this shirt for the last 4 days. it is one of many beautifully tacky things i have stolen from my mother's closet, bless her clothes-hoarding soul.

i'll admit i have not yet donned the cowboy hat to class but i felt like it completed the outfit and deserved to be documented. a friend of mine stole it off a guy she made out with at a party and i greatly admire her ability to steal booty from those whose booties she has bootied with. this is not a joke, she is an actual makeout pirate. take what you can & give nothing back.

lastly, but not leastly, mary catherine stewart told me that my bandana + chambray made me look like BOTH lindsay lohans from the parent trap and i couldn't be happier about it.


xo my fellow wranglers & LiLo lovers,