mood: indian summer

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look ma, i made a thing!
God bless having a major that occasionally lets me put my otherwise seemingly useless, overactive imagination to work.

my new favorite subject/pastime is trend forecasting, in which you take anything and everything you see happening in the world around you - politics, science, art, nature, cultural movements (you name it, it's valid) - and you turn these inspirations into potential relevant fashion trends.

IS pix.png

my first forecast is for this weird transitional summer/fall season we're in right now
AKA ~~resort 2015~~

for more ambiguous color palettes and weird ideas, follow the disturbingly constant cycle of images from my tumblr to my pinterest that will not cease until suddenly my whole wardrobe becomes one muted pile of pastels.

also here's a playlist because i'm an obnoxious overachiever & i'm just having too much fun.


photo credits: foot stool by stella berkofsky . rhea carter, pastel hair queen . the style line interviews ballerina courtney lavine .  beach daze . pistachio obsessed . past ports . dusty roses . oranges & shutters . clarence gagnon fjord painting . hands up . wes anderson , of course . afrodisiac . colorful town homefronts . ballerina by justin smith . cotton candy clouds . a modern still life . you came lol . sergei sviatchenko blue face . miu miu rose colored glasses . bae watch . between some palm ferns .  frieka janssens' smoking kids . christopher patrick ernst's beautiful pistachio mint car portrait .