happy footgame season!!

ok so listen, i dig the oversized jersey + tiny shorts combo as much as the next college football fan. i love my Todd Gurley jersey so much that i wish i could wear it all the time without any shorts! (this is not a joke. down with pants.) honestly, i sometimes feel compelled to start a #freetheunderwear movement, you know? show those granny panties off! be proud of your days-of-the-week boyshorts! i'll keep you posted on this one.

ANY WAY, every now and then i get this craving to not look like every other #sportz fan and i think to myself, today i'm feeling funky and fine. mostly funky.

well friends, i humbly submit to you this guide for 1 - looking *~ sO HiP ~* 

"Not in a cute way, but like in a (where is the rest of her body and why does her pelvis stick out so much) kinda way" - cat

or 2 - looking like a confused hippie with perscription grandma sunglasses on who somehow stumbled upon a college sports event.

throw on the first things that stick out to you in your wardrobe, regardless of whether they match.

ask yourself: do i look weird weird or do i look cool weird?
the answer should always be: any weird is cool weird.

ask yourself: am i wearing something so flowy that i feel like a powerful bohemian witch?
if the answer is no, you should probably be wearing something cropped. crop pants, crop top, crop circles... these are really the only options that come to mind.

good luck my fellow ballsgame fans!

(ft. notorious C.A.T)


outfit 1: thrifted crop top, gap skirt, converses
outfit 2: american threads top, american eagle skirt from 10 years ago (not a joke... this thing is from my first year of middle school so basically it's legit #VINTAGE), bamboo gladiators, cheap ass sunglasses that i like to think look a little Céline-esque.

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