love + friendship

your visual guide to saint valentine's month
in an age when romance is not exclusive to couples

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Love + Friendship is our first monthly theme <3

Things we're loving on in February 2018: 
Friendship, family, ourselves, the earth!
Clothes and Beauty Products too, of course.


Host a Jane Austen-style picnic. Make some remarks about an orange as a metaphor for your true feelings about your crush, 

or maybe your true feelings about a friend who's forgotten their place in your court. Relish in the British wit and whimsy.

Write your best friend a love letter. HAND-WRITE it you fool, DMs don't count.
Do you even know where your local post office is? You'll have to buy stamps too. This'll be fun!

Have a fun day all by yourself. Turn off your phone, explore your city, read your favorite book,
take yourself out for dinner and dessert! Avoid Netflix bingeing, that's just lazy.

Movie date with yourself or your friends! For more whimsy, see Paddington 2. For the love of your mother and your best friend, see Lady Bird.
For soul-squashing romance, see Call Me By Your Name. For spooks, laughs, and FASHION, see Phantom Thread.

Ask your crush to be your Valentine! You don't have time to wait on these things; we could all die in a nuclear flash at any moment!
And their reaction to the ultimately cheesiest way you could ever ask them out will tell you if they really like you ;)

CUT IT OFF with that person you're dating who you don't really like. Remember how we're all probably going to die any day now?
Don't waste your time hanging out with someone out of pity or "politeness." (It's rude!) Then, see above tips for dating yourself.

Have intellectual discussions with your friends about sex – the good, bad, and ugly.
It's fun to trade stories and we don't do it enough, especially considering our abysmal sex ed system. Talk about porn too!

Tell your mom you love her!!! Don't forget Dad too.

If you're so inclined, take a peek at Valentine Fluf posts from years past! We had underwear and roses in 2017, Galentine's 2016,
movies to avoid 2016, and beloved boyfriend jeans in 2015 (beware: this was during my short-lived attempt at Taylor Swift fandom).

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